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Binaural Beats & the Brain

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Binaural Beats & the Brain

Binaural beats are pieces of music that create an auditory illusion within the brain. This occurs by two beats of slightly similar frequencies are played at the same time.


Depending on the frequency of the beats, they activate parts of the brain that put the listener into different stages of brain wave functions where they can improve certain brain activities.


The brain wave levels are:

Beta. The brain wave frequency spectrum present in waking consciousness, i.e. conscious objective behaviour.

Alpha. The brain wave frequency spectrum present in states of relaxation and reverie. It is the state of mind present in the suggestible state of hypnosis, i.e. subconscious subjective behaviour.

Theta. The brain wave frequency spectrum present in states of dreaming, such as in the borderlines between waking and sleeping.

Delta. The brain wave frequency spectrum present in the mental states of deep sleep, i.e. unconsciousness providing body rejuvenation.

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Binaural beats are used in some forms of hypnosis and meditation to allow a person to reach a certain depth of trance.


Phil was interviewed about binaural beats by the Liverpool Echo:


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