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Business Coaching

Mind & Life Coaching for Everyday People and Sportspeople

Expert coaching to give you a Dynamic advantage

Supercharge your Profits & Productivity 

Unlesh the potential of your business through a mixture of psychology and project management techniques. 

Free : Learn how you can gain an advantage on your competition 

Enhance Customer Experience, Loyalty and grow your Clientele base

Get more from your customers by delighting them through new dynamic & innovative experiences that dont have to cost the world.

Why you have to stay ahead of your competition and how to do this:

Nowadays customers expect more from companies than simply fulfilling the basics.
By using knowldege of human needs psychology, and how global companies like Apple, Nike and Mercades master process quality you can improve your profits, exceed customer expectations and grow even further than your rivals.


Influence Customers

World class advertisers charge a large amount of money to give companies an advantage in branding and sales; you can actually learn these techniques yourself through coaching to influence people to choose your business.


Apply Proven Techniques

Every type of business can benefit when using tools to improve productivity, quality and profitability.  The unique element of MindPT coaching is the comination of  psychology and proven Lean Six Sigma to transform your strategy.


Achieve Massive Results

Forget what your rivals are doing and instead set specific, measurable and achievable targets that put you in the premier league of your industry. Hitting goals can lead to you making more mobey and generate more happy customers.

Maximise your Brand using Psychology Techniques

Adopt a new mindset to transform your business in terms of branding, protocols and social media management.



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