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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression


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Anxiety & Depression

Research has proven that hypnotherapy can alter how your mind reacts to anxiety and depression specifically if you experience any of these issues:

  • Emotional baggage from unresolved trauma in the past
  • Panic attacks caused by stress, pressure and social anxiety
  • Living under difficult circumstances like abusive relationships or caring for sick relatives

Sometimes people you love cannot understand how hard it is to visit them, reply to texts, answer the phone or even be in the same room as them because of your anxiety. Some people may think you are being rude because you dont say hello back in the supermarket or put your head down when you see a crowd of people you know when actually its because of how bad your anxiety is.

Feelings of Anxiety

People who don’t have anxiety fail to realise that it isn’t just all in your head, it can affect you physically also. Did you know there are more nerve endings connected from you brain to your gut than anywhere else in your body? This is the reason why you feel that tightness in your stomach during moments of bad anxiety, and if you don’t feel it there you will notice it most likely in your chest and even throat.

The way that our brains function mean that when a negative stimulus such as a signal you see, feel or hear through your senses is processed in the mind it can trigger negative emotions and hormones in your body and activate a part of your mind called the ‘primitive mind’ as it stores the two primitive feelings humans have of fight or flight.

If you are walking alone at night somewhere and suddenly hear loud footsteps behind you your brain takes this signal in and processes it most likely releasing the feeling of fear and dread inside you. You then have the natural reactions of fight or flight, eg turn around and see whats there, or run away.

Anxiety sufferers often get trapped in the fight or flight feelings, yet unable to respond or flee they feel stuck in a state of depression. This is felt by the constant over analysing of situations from the past and future, worrying too deeply on issues that others seem to be able to brush to one side and having very low self worth.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to help people banish anxiety and live a much more positive life through several psychological and scientific studies (listed below this article).

This can work in many different ways, by booking with Phil Steele you can expect a treatment package that will focus on one or all of the below:

  • Clearing emotional baggage from the past using traditional, calm and safe hypnotherapy
  • Removing the physical sensations of anxiety through modern & rapid techniques
  • Changing how you react to stressful situations and people in your life through retraining your mind to react much differently to incidents

You can release trapped emotions, get rid of the feeling in your chest and stomach, conquer panic attacks and gain massive amounts of self love, confidence and self esteem through sessions of hypnotherapy.

If you would like to discuss anything confidentially in a safe and friendly way, feel free to call me or email direct on 07540312039 and thephilsteele@gmail.com

For scientific and psychological research proving the effectiveness of hypnosis with anxiety and depression you Phil recommends the following:

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