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This applies to all issues including :
Hypnotherapy for Addiction
Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Hypnotherapy for Confidence
Hypnotherapy for Depression
Hypnotherapy for Habits
Hypnotherapy for Phobias
Hypnotherapy for Sleeping
Hypnotherapy for Smoking
Hypnotherapy for Stress
Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

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Trusted and Proven Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy is type of therapy that can help a range of issues from addiction, anxiety right through to weight loss and stress. In fact any emotinal or mental issue can be treted using hypnosis. Entering a relaxed state through hypnosis allows you to change how you react to trauma and deal with memories.

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Most issues revolve around..

Phil aka The MindPT has hypnotized well over a thousand people helping them change from negative mindests to a feeling of positivity. This has meant well over a thousand people have made massive transformations in their everyday lives. Each of these had goals based on changing a negative issue into a positive, and all had at least one or more of the following to focus on:


When we go through trauma such as the end of a realtionship or physical abuse we can repress the negative feelings which then stay with us in the back of our mind causing us to experience poor and low moods.


Limiting beliefs conditioned into us from childhood and through are life, plus emotional baggage can cause people to have low levels of self love, self care and self esteem. This has massive impacts on confidence levels and increases anxiety.


Be it what we eat, do or think we are the sum of our habits. So when there is a negative habit in particular holding you back, hypnotherapy can help you change how you respond to the triggers and enablers so you can change them.

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