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Sleep Coaching

Mind & Life Coaching for Everyday People and Sportspeople

Bad Sleep Impacts 1 in 3 People

Sleep duration and Sleep quality are the two biggest factors why 30% of the population struggle to get the rest they deserve

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Good Sleep Involves Therapy: Fall Asleep Quicker

To get a good night sleep you need to esnure that you can clear your mind to release any stress or trapped emotion, this takes some expert help from a Sleep Expert & Psychologist

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You Can Be Trained to Sleep Better: Sleep for Longer, Deeper

Sleep is a natural occuring state therefore you can learn how to maximise your sleep duration and experience through a series of easy to make, proven techniques and habits. The key to sleep is following healthy routines 


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Trusted & Proven Sleep Therapy

With Sleep Therapy you will recieve first class coaching to help you find the peaceful night rest that you have longed for


Treatment is delivered by a qualified Psychologist with experience helping hundreds of clients, and author of soon to be released book ‘How to Sleep’. Proven & Trusted.


Sleep is a subective experience therefore you need a tailored approach to meet your needs. The focus will be on the techniques, tools and changes specific to what you require


Good nights sleep requires changes to how you handle stress, nutrition, the environment of your bedroom and your nightly routines. By the end of your therapy you’ll probably have everything you need 

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